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•  If the commodity has any quality problem, the wholesale member shall present the request to replace the commodities with products of same model within 3 days after receiving the goods. Wholesaler member shall undertake the post fee for returning goods, and Mingfa promises to pay the post fee for consigning again.

•  If the goods can be consigned together with next order, the post fee for returning goods is also undertaken by Mingfa.

•  If the goods can be consigned together with next order, and the goods shall be consigned by post, please mark your ID in the package. After the returned goods reaches Mingfa Company, and the post fee (RMB6 at most) will be paid. And fill into the ¡°Remark Column¡± with ¡°Consign with Returned Goods¡± for next order.


¡ô Note:

•  Only commodity of same model can be replaced for returning goods, if the same model is unavailable, product of equal value can be provided.

•  Please package the return goods with plastic bag for preventing silver oxidation.

•  Please mark the ID Number, problem of the commodity or if return together with next purchasing in the package when returning the commodity.

•  Member shall undertake the post fee for changing the size of ring (keep the ring under good condition).

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