Franchised Chain System --- is an operation mode with low risk, low cost and high success. As the development of the society, with sharper competition, it has attracted more and more attention from manufacturers. Additionally, cooperate with stronger, share the brand and resources, powerful brand advantages make the franchised chain system develop faster, and the benefit for members are more favorable. It can prevent the long period for experience during early phase, and make investors to enjoy personalized and humanistic service, it becomes easier to know the industry and make profit:

•  Use the brand and trade mark of Mingfa jewelry, authorize the exclusive distribution right in the city or county, additionally, enjoy priority to develop business in surrounding cities, authorize the franchised distributors with consolidated image, assure the benefits of partners;

•  Assist store decoration and design, provide consolidated VI image, assign clerk to investigate local market, constitute appropriate marketing project.

•  Enjoy free and professional management consultation and training, head office organizes professional technicians to provide systematic management training for partners;

•  Share successful management experience provided by our company, (market investigation resources, consolidated advertisement resource, employee training project, store management system, daily management software and advanced and reasonable operation project);

Goods distribution and selection service, post or directly deliver goods to destination. According to the market demands, reasonably match the goods, save time and cost, improve the capital turnover effect.


•  Engage in wholesale and retail, rich experience in sales and management;

•  Rich knowledge in jewelry industry;

•  Corporation or individual with favorable capital strength and has prepared for investing in jewelry industry;

•  Possess independent operation and exhibition space, (show the certificate of using the site, such as House Property Certificate or Rent Contract);

•  Agree to decorate the store and counter according to the consolidated image provide by the head office (the company provide consolidated decoration effect drawings);

•  Obey the regulative system and regulations of the head office, accept the supervision and management of the head office;

Relative employees must receive professional training (knowledge, amenity and marketing) of the company.


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